About the Consortium

Founded in 2013, the IEC is a non-profit organization that works with U.S. institutions of higher education to promote and strengthen their internationalization efforts.

Our Mission is to promote deepening ties and mutual understanding between the Asian-Pacific and United States regions by expanding cultural and educational exchanges.

Our Vision is to create a shared future of peace and prosperity between the Asian-Pacific and United States regions through long-lasting educational partnerships of the highest quality.

The universities in the consortium benefit from the following services:

University Abroad Program

In collaboration with Saint Michael’s College, the University Abroad Programs provide intensive language training as well as academic and personal skills development for students. The duration of these programs varies from one (1) to five (5) semesters, based on a student’s academic and language abilities. Upon successful completion of the University Abroad program, students will transfer to one of the consortium member universities.

Recruitment network

The IEC works with over 100 international recruiters. In addition to the University Abroad applicants, consortium members can elect to also receive qualified direct admit applicants. Member institutions that elect this additional service will be required to sign a separate contract.

Development of Strategic Plan for China

The IEC assists its members in developing strategic plans to engage with the fast-growing Chinese educational market. The IEC’s partner in China will assist members in identifying marketing partners, communicating with Chinese agencies and educational institutions, and understanding legal requirements for operations in China. The IEC will also provide guidance in use of social media in reaching Chinese students. Based on individual members’ plans, this service includes the development of academic centers in China. These academic centers may serve as portals for an institution’s study abroad or summer programs, and provide consortium members with a home-base from which to conduct recruitment activities and student interviews.

Recruitment Trips and Individual Travel

Member institutions are invited to participate in international recruiting roadshows hosted by the consortium. Member representatives are provided with local networking opportunities, a guide, local transportation, and accommodation and dining recommendations. During past roadshows, member representatives spent time visiting high schools and colleges, meeting with many students, counselors, and agency representatives around China. The consortium works hard to ensure its member representatives experience high quality standards during their travel experiences with the organization.

If your institution is interested in joining the IEC, please contact us for more information.


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