Joining the IEC

Institutions can largely benefit from becoming a member of the IEC. Membership in the IEC can significantly aid an institution’s image overseas as well as boost their international student presence on campus. For more information on the benefits of being a member, please visit About the Consortium.

An annual fee of $2,500 is required for membership in the IEC. Additional fees are based on actual annual enrollments of University Abroad students and are calculated as a percentage of tuition per student. If a member is interested in additional services, such as social media marketing or assistance with forming partnerships overseas, additional fees will apply.

IEC members are expected to fulfill the following obligations upon becoming a member. The following requirements best facilitate the partnership between the institution and the consortium:

  • Provide specific direct entry and transfer criteria to the IEC, agreeing to clear and concise progression requirements for University Abroad students
  • Review the University Abroad program curriculum to determine credit transferability and commit to accepting a determined number of credits (provided the student meets the grade requirement for transfer)
  • Provide adequate recruitment support to University Abroad students by answering all inquiries from University Abroad and IEC staff promptly and providing all admission documents within the agreed upon turnaround time
  • Provide the most up to date recruitment information and newsletters, brochures, and other marketing tools and materials each semester
  • Receive and host University Abroad students during IEC institutional visits*
  • Setup a direct recruitment agreement with University Abroad for students who are direct enroll eligible*
  • Participate in University Abroad fairs hosted at Saint Michael’s College*
  • Participate in IEC recruitment trips in China*


Membership in the IEC does not constitute or create any legal bindings.

If your institution is interested in learning how the IEC can help you reach your internationalization goals, please contact us today.


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