Student Testimonials

Check out some of our previous University Abroad Programs students and the way University Abroad helped them achieve their goals!

“I chose the University Abroad Programs because it fit my situation and offered me a very good chance to learn English and take courses at the same time. The program helped me a lot – not only my studies, but also my life. I would go to the University Abroad Programs office when I had any problem and I always could find a solution. The best thing about the University Abroad Programs is that we always got together to do fun activities or celebrate Chinese festivals. I loved those times!”

– Mengqi “Elaine” Yu, Studying Psychology at Saint Michael’s College


“The University Abroad Programs gave me a chance to not only learn the language but also get credits to help me graduate on time. It helped a lot. My English improved and I transferred to a university in the IEC.”

– Zitong Zhu (left), studying Computer Science at Muhlenberg College

“I chose the University Abroad Programs because it is easier to enroll in a good college. My English was not very good…the University Abroad Programs helped me and I had a chance to transfer to one of the six IEC schools. We had many kinds of activities such as hiking, skiing, cooking. We usually went to some great restaurants. Thanks for the University Abroad Programs helping to overcome my homesickness.”

– Ziwei “Ivy” Niu (right), studying Media Communication and Arts at Muhlenberg College


“The University Abroad Programs” helped me a lot when I was studying English. Furthermore, I still benefit from it now. I made some good friends in this program. The best thing about the University Abroad Programs is that it will help you cope with a totally strange world.”

– Yi “Jennifer” Xu, studying Psychology and Sociology at Saint Michael’s College



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